As a phygital church, we meet both online and face-to-face in community hubs. A hub is led by a hub leader and/or community pastor. 

At present, we have two hubs and more are being birthed. Please see below where you can find us!



Community Pastors - Liz and Hiram Rios


Community Pastors - David Ramos, Luis Alvarez, Eli Valentin


Via Zoom for personal interaction, Via our Facebook page and YouTube page

We are restructuring because we are adding more leaders! Times and registration information will be posted soon. Just make sure you follow our social media pages so you are always in the know.

Affiliated Faith Communities Coming Soon

With the practice of double belonging, we know that there are some that might wish to connect with us for our content and crew but also want a more traditional community experience. 

With that said, we will be sharing some faith communities that hold to the values of the Passion Center (holistically-minded, justice-oriented, Holy Spirit filled and Egalitarian at all levels, meaning they believe women can be elders, pastors, ministers - no lids on women). 

The Pastors are connected to the Passion Center team and are willing to welcome you into their spaces knowing that you are also a part of what we are doing online.