Welcome to The Passion Center.
Everyone welcomed here.

God uses all kinds of faith communities. The Passion Center seeks to be a place of spiritual growth and service for the ones that are on the fringes of the traditional church but not faith in God or their belief that our faith should drive the church to be people of love and compassion to a needy world. 

Justice work is an overarching mantra for The Passion Center. It permeates all aspects of the center’s work. It is the lens through which decisions are made and ministries are developed and optimized. Our work includes activism, advocacy, services and support, education, and worship. We lend our presence and our voices to the struggles of those who are oppressed and pushed to the margins, clergy, and laity have participated in local demonstrations and direct actions, with love.

Our Ultimate Hope

To be a tribe of Jesus followers from around South Florida and beyond who have a passion to purposefully demonstrate love and compassion, stand for justice and restore individuals to a whole, passionate life of purpose so that we can work together to build a better world.

How We Get It Done

Our mission is to empower, educate, encourage people of faith with a passion for biblical justice to draw on their faith to build a better world. We do this work in a variety of ways including but not limited to convening, engaging, energizing, inspiring, and partnering with and mobilizing people who seek to make a difference in South Florida.

In order to advance justice and the common good, The Passion Center also promotes and integrates research, teaching, and service by collaborating with diverse partners and communities.

Committed To These Actions

Awareness & Provoking Thought: We seek to bring awareness to religious institutions and faith leaders who are disconnected from the critical social issues of our day that affect the communities they serve. It is our desire to challenge misinformed narratives among people of faith concerning historical disparities. We seek to worship God with all of our minds and help provide spiritual, practical, and strategic solutions to help organizations think through their justice ministries. In addition, we seek to change the narrative given to people of color about their potential, purpose and future. 

Advocacy & Prophetic Action: We seek to go beyond rhetoric, and become advocates for justice and mercy. To be an advocate is to come alongside and to speak for those who have no voice. We desire to move prophetically with boldness and compassion in the interest of justice and parity. 

A Gospel-Centered, Pentecostal Spirituality: While we are “woke”;  “conscious” and “aware”, we seek to remain anchored in the message and compassion of the Gospel. We desire to be bearers of  “Good News”; and with the force of God’s Spirit behind us, impact our communities, confront the darkness that perpetuates injustice, and become prophetic, Spirit-led voices in this critical hour. We will not just preach the gospel, we will live it boldly with the power of the Spirit.