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One of the great delights in reading a biography is to see the story of another person unfold; to experience that person's struggles to find meaning, and to become a creative, contributing human being. Think, then, of the value of watching your own life take shape in biographical form; of noting God's regular involvement, and of perceiving your purpose, strengths, and possibilities in light of your unfolding story.

How does religion contribute to the shaping of a life, consciously or unconsciously? How, in turn, does individual life experience shape one's personal religion and religiousness? Situated in time and place, culturally bound, homo religious is expressed in a product of voluntary choices and involuntary influences. The class explores narratives of the self--the represented self--as formed by significant engagement with "religion" defined variously, as appropriate to individual lives. Is it possible to know the self fully or to write about it honestly? What kind of truth can autobiography produce or "tell?"  What can your story tell you about your story?

This is co-ed (men and women welcomed) class of 5 sessions, you’ll discover, write, and tell the ups and downs of your spiritual autobiography―and you’ll see God at work in your life.  Invite a friend and explore your spirituality together!

This will now meet digitally via Zoom.

Here's what past participants have said about the class.

I just finished the Spiritual Autobiography class and it was so inspirational and wonderful to share our stories with a small group of people. I would definitely recommend this class for people who are searching for God or just wants a loving relationship with God. Thank you Pastor Liz and Pastor Edna for this beautiful spiritual experience. -- Susan Berkell Loewenstein

If you missed our Spiritual Autobiography classes you missed a lot. What an awesome experience. Thank you Pastor Edna and Pastor Liz for walking us through this. I will definitely be doing this on a regular basis so I can continue to see how God is walking with me on my spiritual journey. -- Phyliss June Rinis Myers

First time in this process and gain many insights into my spiritual path and growth. Thank you Liz Rios and Edna Quiros for hosting and facilitating this process. Highly recommend. --Richard Wester